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Welcome to my happy little world…

I am working on a few projects that will be previewed here soon.  Joe and I did a couple of pages that I put in the INKS page.   One is a cover we did for Guy Dorian’s comic that will be out soon.  More on that as well when he finishes up.   Also in the Inks page, are some examples of Inks I did over some incredibly talented artists.  The Art page is being finished with sketches etc..

If I can figure this WordPress stuff out I will have the Music up and hopefully some videos.  So bear with me as I flesh this site out.  I will try to take more pictures, I was never a picture guy.  See you soon

Welcome!  I am working on a couple of upcoming books and will preview them just as soon as I can.  I  also will try to take more pictures.  I never ever was a picture person.  Just did a couple of drawings with Joe that I hing.